Jonathon and I

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Shananigans

All I can say is "Why is your Aunt Debbie pulling in the driveway?" lol.

Jonathon did a really good job of concealing his plans of a surprise birthday party for me and making a cake for me while I was gone. I turned 24 (hard to believe!) on Friday, March 4th. I made Caramel cheesecake for myself, yum!, and brought it to church Friday night to see the movie Fireproof. The movie was really good, btw! Soo, Jonathon had the excuse of working on homework while I was at church but secretly he started making the cake. Apparently, he finished it on Saturday while I was at a baby shower. BUT, he needed more icing and had to run to the store.. so he tried to stall me by asking me to pick up ravioli and pickles at the store. lol. I was a little peeved that I had to go to the store because it was packed with people! Too funny.    And the cake turned out AMAZING! I really wish I had his skills. I mean, he has no experience in cake decorating whatsoever. It's obvious why his career of choice is Architecture. Don't you think?

Saturday afternoon, Jonathon tells me that his cousin Shawn is coming over, so I decide that I should probably clean up a little. ya know, sweep the floor and such. And Jonathon really goes to town cleaning. Mainly cleaning the birds room which does get messy pretty quickly considering she throws her food on the floor. So, I'm like "wow, he must really want to impress Shawn." Later, I learn that he thinks it's hilarious that I'm cleaning for my own birthday party. lol. Anywho, his Aunt Debbie pulls in later and comes in with a gift and icecream. I didn't get it till she pulled out the icecream...and everyone else started arriving. Oh yeah and he hid the cake in his car! Genius. All in all it was a pretty fun night!