Jonathon and I

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shawn and Lauren Poupards wedding

 At the wedding Reception, resting from all of the crazy dancing we did!!
I really liked their idea to rent a photo booth, like the ones you see in the mall.
As the night wore on, the pictures in the photo booth got a little more crazy.
Each person or group got to keep a copy of their picture and the other copy
 went in a book that you sign. Good idea!

                                          The reception dinner.... I was squeezed between my cousin Jeremy and Jonathon who were constantly leaning over me to talk to eachother. lol. We had a lot of fun teasing eachother up until Jonathon's cousin Shawn, the groom to be, gave a speech that left all of us with tears in our eyes. He made a point to say how every single person there had affected his life and made him who he was and why he appreciated them. Even all of the men were crying! It was very touching.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So adorable! Chris designed her own costume as Glenda the good witch and she
dressed Kimberly up as Dorothy. She even had a basket on the wheelchair with a stuffed dog in it!
Wish I was as creative!

Monday, October 25, 2010

More Halloween Fun!

I had so much fun painting this! It was a trace on pattern of course. I'm not quite that creative.
What actually happened was that I attempted a difficult pattern to carve and got fed up with it. lol.
So the other side of this pumpkin has half of frankenstein carved out. No one has to see that though. lol.
Can you tell I have too much time on my hands? Way too much time. At least on the weekends that is.
Getting up at 5 in the morning during the week means I don't do much of anything when I get home from work.  Feel Free to copy my pumpkin!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

House in the Fall

 View of Front yard facing road.
 The Living Room
 These bats took up residence in our trees and we decided to let them stay.
These are the dead bats.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The back of the house. Like my pumpkin lanterns?

Our Home!

Melissa, the home pictures are for you! Sorry it took so long to get them up.
This is Jonathon's house.... it's very spacious. It sits on about ten acres, five of which are in the front and 5 behind the house so we sit off the road a ways. It feels like a family should be living in it because it's so big. Hopefully, we will have a family to fill it with one day. :)

Annual Cieslinski Halloween Party. The theme was Celebrity Zombies. Jonathon dressed up as Michael Jackson on Thriller while I was a Dolly Parton zombie

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scary Pudding Cups for Chris's Halloween party - Jonathon drew the faces!

Fall Ya'll!

It's really strange that since I've moved up to Michigan I use the word "ya'll" all the time. No one else does, I assure you. But when I lived in Tennessee I said "you guys." Doesn't make sense does it?

I hope ya'll (my family and friends) enjoy my blog... I didn't think I would want to do one but my amazing friend Melissa influenced me to do it, because her blog is so adorable. This feels like one of my crafty projects like scrapbooking, only it's much cheaper!!

I am enjoying the Fall so much right now, but it's slipping by so fast! All the leaves have changed color and it's beautiful. Even though everything is so flat. Don't you love Fall? I do. and Halloween for that matter!
Tonight is Chris and Jim's annual halloween party. I can't wait to put up pics of my Dolly Parton Costume. The theme is "Celebrity Zombie's" so I'll be a Dolly zombie. lol. Hopefully the balloons i'm using for my large chest won't pop. Thank's everyone for the ideas for my chest by the way. Melissa,  I bought the oil funnel and I think that would have worked too. Someone at the store in the checkout line asked me if I was using them to drink. lol. i'll put up pics as soon as i can.